RaspPro - Think Grater.
Glorious RasPro

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The NeRD team is proud to present a grate piece of engineering.

The RasPro a single-board powerful computer with a highly funcional and awesome design case.

NeRD didn’t look to expenses and hired the best design team available.

At least the ones who accepted cheese as payment.

After long hours of meetings and endless drawings the team finally accomplished the impossible, a fusion between simplicity, minimalism and functionality of the swedish grater design and the raw sturdiness, solid and compact structure Portuguese design.

We have created a high perfomance portable machine for our high level users.

It's designed and engineered to provide a wide range of uses and virtually unlimited possibilities.

It's structure is a high quality metal grater that also functions as a handle and has sturdy support thanks to the PLA feet, providing great stability.

The frame can be removed, granting acess to the interior and the possibility of changing its components.

You can learn how to do it yourself at Instructables and Thingiverse.

RaspPro - Think Grater.

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